come on our CANADA 150 flotilla to celebrate 150 years for the best country ever


Where will you be on July 1, 2017?



Come celebrate all things “Canada” as this great country marks its 150th birthday.   A Cooper crew sat in Victoria’s Inner Harbour for the 125th birthday and we have now seen another 25 years to improve on something that was great - even back then.


We’ve built a great flotilla around that Victoria stop, with our adventure beginning in Montague Harbour on Galiano Island and heading down through popular stops like Poet’s Cove, Port Browning and more.  

You can participate in the flotilla in one of the following paths:


  1. Charter a boat 
  2. Join a course
  3. Join a club boat crew
  4. BYOB (bring your own boat!)


           To get the itinerary and stay in the loop on trip developments, register your interest now:
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We will send you the itinerary and a few updates as more people sign on and the program builds.