dufour 45e ALEGRIA through COOPER BOATING


occasionally, a special vessel comes along, & the next one is ALEGRIA ~ our new DUFOUR 45e


ALEGRIA - spanish for "happiness" 


built by DUFOUR YACHTS of La Rochelle, FRANCE

this is the story of ALEGRIA 


* summer 2012 she was ordered 

* in SEPTEMBER, the choice was made to outfit her with NORTH MARATHON 3DL sails ~ here's what STEVE CROWE had to say about this decision
* in JANUARY she left the yard in FRANCE
* she came  aboard the CARGO SHIP STAR ISMENE
on FEBRUARY 27, 2103 - ALEGRIA arrived in SAN DIEGO
by MARCH 28, the rig, keel & rudder were installed & we ordered a cool PROPANE OUTBOARD for the tender!

we had a great launching party, then she headed to the VICTORIA BOAT SHOW & demonstrated her excellent manners & burning desire to sail 'oh so well' ~ even with fickle winds

she did a series of short sails for testing & a clinic with STEVE CROWE to set people up to further enjoy the boat

in MAY she did her first race, the ALGERINE PASSAGE from POWELL RIVER to COMOX, placing first and setting a new course record of 3 hours 57 minutes & 50 seconds...winning both the line honours & corrected time trophies


in JULY, she headed to the WESTCOAST again as part of a series of ADVANCED & OFFSHORE courses

she was chartered in SEPTEMBER to a lucky participant in the spring clinic


in 2014 she did the SOUTHERN STRAITS RACE and placed 3rd out of 9 boats

with a great start to the SWIFTSURE RACE, she retired because of very light winds on the second day

then she did  advanced courses & an advanced/offshore circumnavigation along with training for the VICTORIA-MAUI yacht race & then the race and return

she finished 2nd in division and 4th overall in the VIC MAUI RACE, starting in fickle winds & high pressure & facing the tail end of TROPICAL STORM WALI the last night with winds topping 50 knots!!

watch her landfall in LAHAINA here:

The trip home was only 1.5 days longer than the trip there, with ALEGRIA competing in a slightly different competition ~ a fishing derby of sorts!

finishing VM 2014
       finishing Vic Maui 2014

  • in 2015 we prepared for the new recreational boating school standards for training right through to offshore levels

  • she placed FOURTH of ten boats in her SOUTHERN STRAITS division

  • in SWIFTSURE, she placed FIRST in her division & FOURTH overall on the SWIFTSURE BANK COURSE ~ laughing all the way out to the bank & back with only 2 of the 9 crew having done the race before

  • many of these crew joined the VAN ISLE 360 ~  ALEGRIA finished SECOND in her division

  • she made a brief appearance in a new video for TRANSPORT CANADA & their new RECREATIONAL BOATING SCHOOL program ~ being one of the first vessels prepared & approved to teach longer unsupported training programs in the country

alegria swiftsure 2015
finish line SWIFTSURE 2015 - first in division


  • in 2016, ALEGRIA did another VIC MAUI RACE, with all the preparation & the life changing experiences tied to this epic adventure ~ SKIPPER was OFFSHORE INSTRUCTOR EBERHARD HEINZEMANN with TOM WAHL as navigator

  • the boat returned from OAHU to VANCOUVER on an offshore course with SCOTT WATSON instructing and deputy Maya Tatuch learning some offshore teaching ropes as second (we run an extra instructor offshore whose main job remains knowing when to wake up the other instructor!)

  • she also did ADVANCED & OFFSHORE courses


More training than racing in 2017.  She did sail the Southern Straits race at the beginning of the year and finished the season with a few races, expecially keeping our Harwar crew sailing as they await new sails. 

The middle of the season was a combination of courses in level two and level three, including a trip around Vancouver Island and another to Barkley Sound out the bottom of Juan de Fuca and back. 

The majestic West Coast aboard Alegria is an incredible way to discover a higher level of sailing. 




Alegria did two circumnavigtion courses along with other charter and training opportunities.   She was a bit quiet on the racing side of things, but it was an easy year for the boat as a number of upgrades were made including new epoxy on the keel and re-bedding the keel.  A lot of catch up work following various long trips. 



Alegria got an all new North 3Di mainsail in time for the Southern Straits race at Easter.  A crew from JIB SET joined the owner as he sailed the event.  Many came off HARWAR.  The two boats were seen together on the poster for the HOWE SOUND REGATTA (Alegria's mast comes to the T in WEST and Harwar is immediately behind with the mast punctuating the middle of the word REGATTA. 

harwar alegria

Swiftsure was a complete washout thanks to very light winds, tons of rain and a brand new mainsail snapping in the waves and light air.  So, after sailing backwards for over an hour, the vessel retired to save the gear for more fruitful experiences.  

The crew reunited on the Van Isle 360 - the boat's second running.  In certain conditions, she did very well.  In general, she was matched with lighter smaller "furniture free" creations. 

The boat did a second lap of the island with as an advanced/offshore course.   She wrapped up the season with a few charters.  

VI 360 crew 2019


2020 - ALEGRIA

As we head into 2020, there are races and courses planned, but the decision has been made to offer up 3/4 of the boat for sale.   A group is almost complete, but we are still looking for one more owner who could be a fit.  

Tentative plan, subject to ratification by a new ownership group, (including both Vic Maui skippers to date), will be to do Southern Straits, Swiftsure and Vic Maui, with a return to San Diego instead of Vancouver.  This will allow the 2020 Baja Ha Ha to be a launch pad into exploration of the Pacific Coast of Mexico, where the boat can continue its dual purpose life of racing and cruising under the lead of an expanded ownership group (generally one at a time down south) and revenue via off season options for our Cooper community.   As always, her prime mission to be a platform for advanced sail training remains.

The boat's inventory includes offshore safety requirements/upgrades required for offshore training and racing, several spinnakers and an ultra fun code zero on a furler.   She's got great instrumentation and can sleep 11. The boat is exceptional upwind in breeze and can kick up her heels downwind as well. 

The proposed ownership syndicate so far are people who all work exceptionally hard and play hard as well.  We always have fun on the water together and come from vastly different backgrounds.   All share a common bond of bringing new blood into our performance sailing community while having a blast together.  

Contact us today if you are interested in exploring adventures aboard ALEGRIA, including filling out our ownership syndicate 

Van Isle 360 2019