Subject: BOATING ACADEMY AWARDS - life is better on a boat
(Posted on Mar 28, 2013 at 11:07PM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
with the big award shows gone by, unreal reality contests brewing ~  let us get to the important awards:

BOATING ACADEMY AWARDS ~ (the BAA's- sheep anyone?) as contemplated by you & the other judges at COOPER BOATING

~ our finalists ~ grab your popcorn & help us judge the from the top 4:

warning ~ starts slow & knocks you out part way along if you love boats

who doesn't love TOM HANKS & he tells a story that reminds us of all the COMPULSIVELY HELPFUL people on the water

just one of many fantastic destinations here (while it needs more boating, seeing a grand piano on a dock is a home run!)

~ COOPER 2013 ~ 
our newest video to overview what we do on this spectacular coast (helpful to remember as we're all getting older)

~ CALL OUR JUDGE CREW (604.687.4110 or 888.999.6419) for your thoughts & book that boating experience of your own at the same time ~ remember ~ life's just better on a boat