cruising overview

the BRITISH COLUMBIA COAST provides, in our humble opinion, the BEST CRUISING GROUNDS on the planet

this collection of programs provides the in depth HANDS ON experience in the cruising areas themselves - GULF ISLANDS, SUNSHINE COAST AND DESOLATION SOUND

learn to cruise by cruising the coast - a successful, proven formula for fun & building confidence


our basic CRUISING COURSES are have various options to get you out CRUISING in our BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA waters: 



29 years can't be wrong - this has been our most popular program of all time

you will explore the GULF ISLANDS, the SUNSHINE COAST or DESOLATION SOUND on one of these five day adventures - you'll leave one of our bases and return after some unforgettable exploring and fun lessons afloat

let’s get you cruising in the best place on earth!


check for details and dates for the CRUISE & LEARN program



is the third module which follows for those who have completed the DAYSAILING modules

take a weekend away and step up to the larger boats

check for details and dates for the CRUISING NUTS & BOLTS program




Sailing takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to perfect.  You’ll be doing this in minutes and you can enjoy the rest of the journey as you continue to explore, learn and enjoy an activity that has been around for centuries and has continually evolved in the past, present and will continue to do so well into the future.  

Since 1983, Cooper Boating has helped turn budding sailors into accomplished skippers (or capable crew for those who prefer!)  Some continually conquer the bay on a mission to relax and unwind, others have blasted across oceans and explored the planet.   Whatever your goals, we look forward to being your coach as you set sail in beautiful British Columbia. 

Cooper Boating is more than just a school; we feature a host of other programs to get you out on the water and enjoy your new pastime.  Charters, mileage builders, flotillas, and innovative club programs are just a few of the great ways to access the water, or consider outright or shared yacht ownership. 
Our goal is to get you on the water having fun, and your comfort depends on proven methods which balance formal instruction and complimentary adventures with you at the helm.
Our cruising programs have a few unique ingredients that combine to make a special experience.  The instructors are trained on site each off season and we select only the best to continue with us as instructors.  Our BOAT COACH program combines both education with the goal oriented achievements and motivation to get you DOING IT and following through with logical next steps - be they on your own boat or one from our fleet. The fleet is the most modern collection available in our part of the world and cared for by a dedicated crew.  The locations and facilities are convenient and world class.

Most importantly, we've been putting these ingredients together like a dedicated master chef since 1983 and some of the companies we have acquired and amalgamated into our operations go back to the 1960's. 

“I've checked out a few others on the coast and find they simply cannot measure up -  it has become clear to me that Cooper has the best collection of instructors and boats and your whole crew's dedication to making sure every experience is special is very much appreciated - bravo Cooper.”  M.Dixon, Calgary, AB - passionate sailor since 2002