Cruising Club

The COOPER CRUISING CLUB (CCC) is a fantastic option for those looking to charter more than 20 days per year

The CRUISING CLUB offers built in savings for our best clients who have their own charter parties (groups of family & / or friends!)

With 'standing acceptance' of the standard charter terms, there is no need to complete paperwork each time you head out on the water

Some of our CCC members spend much of their time on the same boat at the best rates, coming and going from our facilities as if they owned the boat, without any of the hassles associated with ownership

~as they get familiar with a boat, the checkout process is smooth & efficient ~ a few of our CCC members know certain boats as well as our staff and that comfort level makes for spectacular cruising

We understand that for many, sailing someone else's yachts just doesn't compare to the pride in owning and maintaining your own yacht ~ being a member of the CCC before you buy makes perfect sense. It can help prospective boat owners make informed decisions before such a major purchase - determining what features, makes and models will best suit your needs ~ because you can turn the boat back to us and get back to your life, you might actually find ownership overrated.

The COOPER CRUISING CLUB offers power & sailing yachts of all sizes - in fact,  every boat in the COOPER fleet is currently available to CCC members.

Q what about 'yacht leasing' or 'sharing' offered by other companies?

A a COOPER CRUISING CLUB membership is more flexible than other programs ~ the CCC allows you to sail many different types of yachts instead of only one ~ your cruising dollars are redeemable on a variety of yachts

Typically with yacht sharing/leasing you are restricted to one type of yacht and therefore are often competing with other people in the share for time on the boat ~ with the COOPER CRUISING CLUB you have around 50 late model yachts ranging in size from 22 feet to 57 feet both power AND sail!

In addition, you may vary your group size and resulting yacht requirements - the CCC allows you to sail smaller boats when you have a small charter party and a larger boat when that is the need

Q are there other benefits to the being a member of the CRUISING CLUB?


  • members receive 15% off most COOPER courses (all level one & two programs)
  • one day surcharges are waived ~ we are delighted to offer short bookings to our members without the normal upcharge for this privilege
  • discount insurance rates available
  • no paperwork each time you cruise ~ the fleet works on a standard contract & your standing acceptance of those terms allows for simplicity
  • express checkouts ~ as you get to know a particular vessel, you are able to get on the water faster on subsequent sailings


Q how does the cruising club work?

A COOPER CRUISING CLUB members purchase cruising dollars which can be redeemed for time on our yachts ~ one hundred cruising dollars are purchased by the club member for $80 but can be redeemed for $100 (20% discount) worth of charter time

Club members have three basic levels of membership to choose from:

  • $400 per month ($4,800 per year), affords the member $6,000 worth of charter time
  • $500 per month ($6,000 per year), affords the member $7,500 worth of charter time
  • $650 per month ($7,800 per year), affords the member $9,750 worth of charter time
  • $800 per month ($9,600 per year), affords the member $12,000 worth of charter time

We can also customize your payments to match your charter needs

Initiation for the club is currently $699 + GST of 5%  

Monthly amounts moving forward have the built in discounts ~ add to this the other benefits, & the savings add up to our best value for our best clientele

Q can I cancel my membership at any time? 

A we have a minimum one year commitment to the club.  After that anniversary, there is no obligation to stay in the club ~ club members may cancel at anytime.