daysailing program overview



if you live near the ocean, it’s time to start enjoying it
it’s a warm, sunny, breezy day outside and you can smell the fresh ocean air from an open window – that’s your call to get out there and do this
DAYSAILING is all about the quick getaway – even a few hours can melt away some stress, catch up with old friends and make a few new ones.  this is a sport that attracts the best people  


our DAYSAILING COURSES are split into two convenient modules: 


CREW (Module One)
If you've never been on a boat before or maybe spent a day with a friend, then this is the course to start with.   It runs over two evening sessions in the classroom and one weekend on the water and we work on the rudiments of sailing and getting your government pleasure craft operator card

let’s get you crewing in style on smaller keelboats!


check for details and dates for the CREW program


BAY SKIPPER (Module Two)
is the second module and follows the same schedule

this is the course to step up to skippering the boat instead of just crewing

check for details and dates for the BAY SKIPPER program



our INTRO TO SAILING program is for those interested in a taste of what sailing is all about, and is available as an afternoon, or a full day experience.   Done on our Martin 244's the program can accomodate up to three people, and includes gentle instruction as an introduction to sailing.    Contact us for details on pricing and availability.



Sailing takes minutes to learn and a lifetime to perfect.  You’ll be doing this in minutes and you can enjoy the rest of the journey as you continue to explore, learn and enjoy an activity that has been around for centuries and has continually evolved in the past, present and will continue to do so well into the future.  

Since 1983, Cooper Boating has helped turn budding sailors into accomplished skippers (or capable crew for those who prefer!)  Some continually conquer the bay on a mission to relax and unwind, others have blasted across oceans and explored the planet.   Whatever your goals, we look forward to being your coach as you set sail in beautiful British Columbia. 

Cooper Boating is more than just a school; we feature a host of other programs to get you out on the water and enjoy your new pastime.  Charters, mileage builders, flotillas, and innovative club programs are just a few of the great ways to access the water, or consider outright or shared yacht ownership. 
Our goal is to get you on the water having fun, and your comfort depends on proven methods which balance formal instruction and complimentary adventures with you at the helm.
Our daysailing boats are sporty 24 footers designed and built specifically for this program. Our designer, Don Martin, is one of the most brilliant sailing minds in our country and he designed the Martin 244 to be easy, exhilarating and economical.  People don’t start driving on a city bus – they start on small, manageable cars that respond quickly to their input.  For the same reason, the Martin 244 is the perfect platform on which to start.  Be forewarned - the designer may be watching from his Kitsilano residence! 

“Looking back, the Martin taught me to sail as much as any instructor.”  George Brown, Vancouver, BC - passionate sailor since 1995