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Free Seminar - Cruising the South Pacific
Friday, Nov. 09, 2018
Alan Boreham is one of the authors of Beer in the Bilges - (*)

Alan will take you on a virtual recount of some of his adventures in the South Pacific. He put his career on hold and headed off for great adventures and they are both inspiring and entertaining.

By the way, Alan is the fellow who made some of us instructors in the first place. Apart from being an awesome author and story teller, he\'s a superb instructor and speaks annually at the Vancouver Boat Show.

Anyone in the Jib Set Meetup group is welcome to attend and the event is priced for sailors... \"the wind is free and so is this session!\" As we are heading into that time of the year, we will ask for people to bring something for the VANCOUVER FOOD BANK (non perishable or donation)... let\'s be good to those who need help.

* - spoiler alert - Alan becomes our chief instructor at the end of his book... he was involved with Cooper Boating before Forbes\' Cooper sold the business by the way. He\'s also now a fleet owner having resisted the temptation for a few decades.

Please RSVP via MeetUp