gunkholing level overview


as CRUISING moves up the next level, you find yourself learning to be self sufficient with the boat - spending days away from civilization altogether and you learn to let the boat's systems support that freedom - this is GUNKHOLING at its finest


you have several options to enjoy cruising at this level-


our GUNKHOLING programs run over extended cruises - generally 5 days with a few shorter versions for those who come well prepared - step up from cruising to more self sufficient cruising as you master the boat's systems and considerations for longer cruises


check for details and dates for the GUNKHOLING program




these cruises are with an instructor but the goals are building up experience at your current level without looking at new material

check for details and dates for the MILEAGE BUILDER programs


want to combine INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED in one cruise - check out the WEST COAST ADVENTURE


SELF SUFFICIENT COASTAL CRUISING - that what’s its all about at this level. Our GUNKHOLING programs focus on helping  you learn to properly manage boat systems on today’s boats, as well as find those secluded anchorages and get there and get home safely.  

if you know what GUNKHOLING is all about, you will understand these programs well and what we’re working to develop.  If you don’t know what GUNKHOLING is all about, then we definitely need to get you into one of these programs.