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Subject: POWELL RIVER open house SATURDAY
(Posted on May 7, 2013 at 10:54AM by Colin Jackson)
we'll be having an OPEN HOUSE in POWELL RIVER this SATURDAY AFTERNOON (MAY 11)~ come sail with us for 1.5 hours at either 1pm or 3.30pm

our boats are in NORTH HARBOUR on A & B dock - to register for a complimentary boat ride aboard one of our charter fleet boats,

~ interested in lessons? - one of our local instructors who's sailed 2/3 around the world is on hand ~

interested in charters? ~ our crew is happy to show you around the fleet ~

please register your interest so we may book you into a time slot

Subject: FRIDAY NIGHT RACING underway
(Posted on May 5, 2013 at 02:00PM by Colin Jackson)
our first FRIDAY NIGHT RACING session was an absolute success (apart from the crew that lost every race - which I helped lose one race!)

~ to say we were off to a slow start would be an understatement ~ took the first boat almost 22 minutes to START (after the start signal) ~

~ the crew of WAYNE, JOANNE, JOEL & LEO took every race in the newly wrapped TEACHER'S PET ~ perhaps racing cars on the side of boats makes them faster? ~

BREAD 'N BUTTA put out a good showing on the last evening with her original mainsail ~ maintenance day saw the addition of new rags!

~ will we see you FRIDAY night? ~ JIB SET would love to have you aboard - see our new site & never miss one of our fun events by signing up with our MEETUP group (now with 400 sailing enthusiasts!)

& let's not worry about those last place finishes - the crew knows there's nowhere to go but UP now!

as 'FRIDAY NIGHTERS' can be heard saying:  SEA U FRIDAY

Subject: welcome MAGDALENA
(Posted on Apr 25, 2013 at 08:03PM by Colin Jackson)
we’re thrilled with new boats joining our fleet ~

take a look at look at MAGDALENA  ….. immaculate 36 GRAND BANKS trawler at our PORT SIDNEY base ~ feel free to email DAWN and the crew in SIDNEY for more information on this great boat

or ~ how about IOLAR NA MARA ~ the gorgeous 2 cabin BAVARIA VISION 46  ~ perfect for two couples wanting larger state rooms

expected in service this AUGUST is BOHEMIAN ~  a 3 cabin 49’ HANSE just being finished before her travels from EUROPE shortly

check out all the additions

we'll mention how exciting it is to get a 36' GRAND BANKS - (a bunch of others have been pretty BIG) ~ let us know if you are interested in a 33-36' boat (power or sail) for SIDNEY ~ we could use a few more & it is easier now to get a slip than a few years back  
Subject: come to VICTORIA BOAT SHOW
(Posted on Apr 11, 2013 at 07:49AM by Colin Jackson)

beginning THURSDAY APRIL 18, join our COOPER BOATING CREW aboard ELECTRA, our 42 Nordic Tug on ‘F’ dock

a few of our lovely boats are featured at this event & we’d love to show you Electra as well as one of our 'COOPER BUILT' WESTCOAST 46 motor yachts & the best new sailboat on the BC Coast – ALEGRIA – an award winning Dufour 45E:

not to be out done -  IOLNAR NA MARA (eagle of the sea) will be there as well - heading to our SIDNEY base following the show - check out the most state of the art sailboat we've ever offered (bow & stern thrusters, electric 'rewind' winches):

COME BY AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SUPER BOAT SHOW SPECIALS - charters, course & club offerings - remember, life's just better on a boat


Subject: unforgettable EASTER flotilla
(Posted on Apr 2, 2013 at 11:53AM by Colin Jackson)
the WEATHER gods were kind to this year's EASTER FLOTILLA - check out our photo logbook with preliminary images of this year's event!

owners, bareboat charter clientele and club members enjoyed the fun and camaradarie of the northern GULF ISLANDS in this trip'

Subject: WHOA! - what a week for the charter fleet
(Posted on Mar 28, 2013 at 10:29PM by Colin Jackson)
it's been a short week - although we managed to have the busiest boat shuffle in our 30 year history

over two million dollars in yachts added or changed hands
in the COOPER FLEET this week

with owners adding & even exchanging with eachother, we can barely type this- so let's share with some pictures:




  DUFOUR 365






WHILE GRATEFUL THE MARKET WOKE UP, it was a bit odd to all happen same week

there are a few more items brewing that we can tell you about later, meantime, we're off to enjoy the beautiful EASTER WEEKEND weather on our legendary flotilla and recover from this week


ps - odd as it sounds, we are still trying to find some mid 30 foot sail & power boats for the fleet - catch the wave

ps2 - MR COOPER will be BUSY shortly (like he isn't already - good thing we've also got the strongest team ever!)

(Posted on Mar 27, 2013 at 08:16AM by Colin Jackson)
for many years, we've had the ability to do SAILING lessons on smaller performance keelboats that blast around the bay & as one graduate put it well" "the boat taught me to sail" - the responsiveness of a pure sailing machine accelerates the learning process

similarly, CRUISING lessons like our popular CRUISE & LEARN allow you to venture off to explore our beautiful coast while enjoying a relaxing pace that is the essence of CRUISING

now, we can take that entry level concepts up to our bigger boat programs - with the recent arrival of ALEGRIA, our DUFOUR 45e, we have a giant sporty boat that will respond quickly to the inputs of the crew - taking sail training to a new level

at the same time, a few people want to continue a relaxed pace & don't obsessively tweak the sails - the lessons are as much about learning to unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures of cruising - the flavour is different and rewarding in a different manner - a great option, but not exacty what you'd experience on our new rocketship

our selection in sailing & cruising courses allows you to jump aboard ALEGRIA & push your boundaries - you should brush up past learning experience & prepare to enjoy two instructors - your certified instructor & a boat whose pedigree makes her a big part of your learning experience as well

alternately, you could turn the learning pace to a simmer and enjoy the relaxed pace of beautiful cruising areas like BARKLEY SOUND on BC'S WEST COAST

don't worry about the destination - when you're on these boats "you're already there"

contact our crew today to arrange your spectacular course - we'd love to help you choose from a variety of unbelievable experiences


sailing lessons

advanced on ALEGRIA

offshore on ALEGRIA


cruising lessons



Subject: ultimate sailing school boat approaches CANADIAN waters
(Posted on Mar 11, 2013 at 09:59AM by Colin Jackson)
ALEGRIA, our new DUFOUR 45e, on path to set a new standard for sail training in CANADA, is approaching CANADIAN WATERS - see this morning's AIS plot as she piggybacks aboard the STAR ISMENE - next time she's off the OREGON COAST, she'll be on her own bottom!!

follow her steps to the ocean on her very own COOPER page 

Subject: 3 great ways to enjoy our popular EASTER FLOTILLA
(Posted on Mar 11, 2013 at 07:22AM by Colin Jackson)
CHARTER - we've been busy hauling, painting & polishing the fleet to ensure you've got a great ride for the EASTER FLOTILLA for the group you like to cruise with - boats from VANCOUVER & SIDNEY will join the flotilla & boats from POWELL RIVER have also been seen in VANCOUVER getting ready for the season 


CREW CLUB - if you don't have a group to cruise with, our CREW CLUB is all about BOATING ADVENTURES MADE SIMPLE - easter flotilla per member rate of only 


not a member? - try out the club with our current  bonus offer


COURSE - our mileage builder courses are great ways to cruise with professional coaching & we have one lined up to sail with the flotilla


contact MARLA today (604.683.6837 ext 19) & join us this FLOTILLA  FRIDAY for a fun filled session to get you ready for the season  





Subject: thanks VANCOUVER, hello ALBERTA
(Posted on Feb 28, 2013 at 08:05AM by Colin Jackson)

last weekend we saw some great sessions in VANCOUVER including DON MARTIN telling the epic tale of LADY VAN'S 2012 EUROPEAN ADVENTURE on the classic yacht racing circuit 


experts are on their way to EDMONTON & CALGARY this weekend with DEREK HATFIELD (see below), solo ocean racer with the SPIRIT of CANADA headlining with some of our popular favourites like JEFF COTE of PACIFIC YACHT SYSTEMS & newcomer ALAN BOREHAM author of BEER IN THE BILGES (~adventures in the SOUTH PACIFIC)

while our local in VANCOUVER was DON MARTIN and LADY VAN (how's the one above for a stunning photo?) we have EDMONTON & CALGARY locals from the ALBERTA OFFSHORE SAILING ASSOCIATION (love that name) and CANADIAN SAIL & POWER SQUADRONS joining us in their home towns

as we blaze the trails of WESTERN CANADA with boating experts in support of the FOOD BANK - be sure to let us know if we should bring this show to you - let our VANCOUVER OFFICE know if you would be interested in hosting a YES event in your town



It takes tremendous courage, determination and persistence to race around the world alone, Derek Hatfield is the 126th person in history and the only Canadian to have done it twice!
Racing single-handed around the world is an incredible accomplishment, for perspective over 400 astronauts have gone into space and 10,000 climbers have reached the summit of Mt. Everest. Having now raced over 200,000 miles singlehanded Derek’s truly inspiring story of becoming a competitor in 3 singlehanded races around the world includes a devastating pitch-pole and dismasting near the infamous Cape Horn, building North America’s first state-of-the-art all carbon Open 60, spending over 50 days alone at sea at a time, much of that time enduring vicious Southern Ocean storms, torrential rain, scolding heat and bitter ice and snow.
Most recently Derek raced in the Eco 60 Class working towards circumnavigating the globe without the use of fossil fuels. In order to reduce his impact on the planet Derek used solar and wind power instead of fossil fuels to generate the electricity needed during the race – an approach that goes hand in hand with the main principles of working towards a more sustainable future.
Derek finished the most recent race the VELUX 5 Oceans single handed around the world race in France at the end of May, 2011 and once again took a place on the podium for Canada.
Here to tell a story of perseverance & determination is Derek Hatfield - SPIRIT OF CANADA OCEAN CHALLENGES

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