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(Posted on Oct 31, 2013 at 03:46PM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
NORTH of DESOLATION SOUND & CAMPBELL RIVER ~ but still within the protection of our lovely VANCOUVER ISLAND is the BROUGHTON ARCHIPELAGO & your once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore it as part of a group led by the DREAMSPEAKER CRUISING GUIDE TEAM is here

this captivating group of islands, islets & passages that make up an exquisite region remains chalked full of wildlife, untouched harbours & quaint villages

your leaders literally WROTE THE BOOK on this region & plenty of great times were had at their 2013 event in DESOLATION SOUND


our adventure begins JUNE 14 2014

come to our session & meet the DREAMSPEAKER TEAM  LIVE  IN PERSON

got a book? ~  get it autographed ~

need a book? ~  we can hook you up! ~


check back at our site, we'll roll the cameras to capture some fo the 'preliminary' magic
(Posted on Oct 24, 2013 at 02:41PM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
this summer we have seen orcas, humpbacks & pods of white sided dolphins in the region ~ the fall has different adventures in store
magnificent sailing & boating adventures await once you have that big boat experience & this is the official launch of the “OTHER” sailing season ….. the season that has clear blue skies & empty anchorages in all of our favorite cruising areas
remember that all the boats are well equipped with furnaces, you’re always warmer when you share a cabin & you get a chance to try out your new “foulies”
our SIMPLE PLEASURES FLOTILLA is a great event where every crew brings a pot luck food dish & we share our offerings on the biggest boat or rafted boats in the flotilla  ~ bring your best dish & an appetite!
we board FRIDAY EVENING & review weather & the fun ahead of us as a group at 6.30 pm at GRANVILLE ISLAND
weather permitting, we leave SATURDAY morning from VANCOUVER bound for the GIBSONS area
we’ll recover from the POTLUCK on SATURDAY night  by crashing the famous MOLLY’S REACH in GIBSONS for breakfast before navigating to SNUG COVE on BOWEN ISLAND
on MONDAY we shall observe REMEMBRANCE DAY & thank our fallen heroes with a special ceremony for mariners, then sail home, having enjoyed the SIMPLE PLEASURES of great people, a great pastime & some wonderful food - check out last year's event highlights 

DATES: boarding FRIDAY NOVEMBER 8 for 6.30 briefing – home on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11 by 5pm
CONTACT: 604-687-4110 to book a charter boat or to join a group of members through the CREW CLUB

Subject: knockout weekend ahead ~ little decisions for BIG ADVENTURES
(Posted on Oct 13, 2013 at 10:30PM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
we have a knockout weekend ahead ~ NOVEMBER 1 - 2 - 3 ~


~ from 6.30-8.30 pm on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 1, we have a YOLO evening (You Only Live Once) to help you with those life changing decisions to put a big boating adventure into your life  ~ many adventurers agree that the only real decision is the one to go in the first place ~ the rest falls into place after a relatively small decision to DO SOMETHING

~ we have the CHAIRMAN of the VIC-MAUI race on site to talk about the exciting group of boats heading off in the 2014 edition of this ocean classic this coming JULY ~

~ we will also be exploring the adventure that is ALASKA to and from GLACIER BAY ~



big boat handling ~ strategies clinic

power & sail, some of us find the big boats much easier to handle than their smaller counterparts ~ so if you'd like to take bigger groups & bigger boats (or just the bigger boats) ~ come learn all the magic behind driving what you previously thought of as monsters

a combination of chalk talk ashore & hands on experience is sure to delight ~ power & sail ~ clinic designed for 45'+


one of the biggest decisions, & for many, the realization of a lifetime dream is the purchase of a boat ~ our BOAT BUYING SEMINAR arms you with the right information to know how the game is played

contact us today about the knockout weekend ~ we look forward to helping with those small decisions that can change your life

Subject: HUMPBACKS join THANKSGIVING flotilla
(Posted on Oct 12, 2013 at 03:12PM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
a couple humpack whales decided that this fantastic THANKSGIVING FLOTILLA was too much to miss... they have joined our little adventure!!

others think the event is great too... lots of sailing so far from SIDNEY base

this update brought to you in real time from COULL ENDEAVOUR!!
Subject: The next BIG FUN event at Cooper Boating – THANKSGIVING FLOTILLA
(Posted on Sep 20, 2013 at 02:28PM ) Tags:
So many of us look forward to this excellent event - a long weekend sharing boating, food and friendship!

This year our trip boards Friday October 11th in Vancouver with a couple of boats joining us from Sidney.
We’re heading thru Porlier Pass on the 12th ….  Around noon and so our departure time should be 0800hrs.
Thetis Island Marina and Pub is our destination.  The PUB will be open with its regular menu.
The next day we’re heading for Silva Bay  - slack current thru Gabriola Pass during daylight hours is near noon on Sunday.
Recommendation is to go through the pass at noon and take in the wonderful Gabriola Art Studio Tour.

Silva Bay Marina has reservations for us and the Pub is serving Thanksgiving Dinner …. Reservations will be required.  

Call to get your favourite boat booked now!

Subject: the BC royal family in ACTIVE PASS
(Posted on Aug 29, 2013 at 02:53PM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
complete with their entourage, one of the pods of our resident J clan wandered through ACTIVE PASS – while it was clear from the followers on the various whale watching boats that they were present, they ran deep around us & we only saw them off in the distance along the MAYNE ISLAND shore

these giants travel as a family & one must wonder if they feel like the local royal family with all the paparazzi types out to see them… or maybe they like the attention & socializing
this video clearly taken by somebody that had more luck than we did on a recent delivery, but we are happy they found some space from those chasing them (with cameras)!

for more information, WIKIPEDIA has some great info on our SRKW’s  (aka ORCAS of the SALISH SEA)
(Posted on Aug 12, 2013 at 07:45AM by Colin Jackson) Tags:

the famed & favourite authors ANNE & LAURENCE YEADON-JONES will be personally guiding our COOPER BOATING flotilla to the most beautiful area of our coast – DESOLATION SOUND


ANNE & LAURENCE are experienced sailors who, over the last 25 years, have logged thousands of cruising hours charting, recording & photographing their travels along the rugged and beautiful coastline & islands of the PACIFIC NORTHWEST


check out the entire DREAMSPEAKER CRUISING GUIDE series HERE

desolation sound

we will be boarding our boats in POWELL RIVER in the late afternoon of SEPTEMBER 11th, departing the next morning (12th) & then returning to the base and homeward bound the morning of SEPTEMBER 19th


SEVEN days of exploring the delights of DESOLATION SOUND with its spectacular mountain views well-maintained marinas & tranquil, protected anchorages


at this time of the year the water will be the warmest for swimming - the tidal patterns allow us to have the warmest water north of MEXICO! 


the whales should be heading south & we hope to cross paths 


NOW you can experience all of this from the authors’ perspective & under their personal guidance ~ FLOTILLA ITINERARY HERE  


EXCLUSIVE - ANNE & LAURENCE will be skippering and managing a beautiful sailing vessel from the COOPER BOATING charter fleet


there are three, two-person cabins available for you to join them on this adventure


NEW SAILORS may get a thorough introduction to being crew;  EXPERIENCED SAILORS may join in & practice navigation, helming, sail trim …. participate as much as you wish & HAVE FUN! 


price per person:  $1,999  plus GST


includes food onboard, bedding, fuel, moorage & the boat coach skippers’ guidance for this special excursion ~ dining out is not included and galley duties are shared across the crew

contact our shore crew today to join this crew!

Subject: TOP FUN popeye
(Posted on Jul 26, 2013 at 11:50AM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
social media treat:

TOP FUN SAILING INSTRUCTOR STEPHEN DESROCHES photgraphed and clearly turning into another famous seafarer

sailing lessons with stephen

provisioning to include more spinach in the future
Subject: a few unique sailing school opportunities
(Posted on Jul 25, 2013 at 06:14PM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
we have a new selection of truly unique course opportunities on our fresh page

one more chance to explore the WEST COAST of VANCOUVER ISLAND with us this season!

we still have a couple spots left on our AUGUST 4th trip starting in UCLUELET for 7 days of spectacular cruising along the west coast including stops in the BROKEN ISLANDS & BAMFIELD before making your way back to our PORT SIDNEY location

build upon your existing sailing skills in this MILEAGE BUILDER program or work towards achieving your INTERMEDIATE certification 
it’s up to you what you would like to achieve during this unique experience

DATES ADDED ~ ADVANCED COURSES NEW DATES ~ after rave reviews on sold out programs on the pure sailing machine that is ALEGRIA, our new DUFOUR 45e, & a spike in interest, we will be adding another 5 day advanced program later this SEPTEMBER 

SEPTEMBER 11 - cruise with the DREAMSPEAKER TEAM on the DESOLATION SOUND flotilla ~
join COOPER boating and the authors of the DREAMSPEAKER cruising guide series,  ANN & LAURENCE YEADON-JONES, on a trip of a lifetime

LAURENCE and ANNE YEADON JONES would like to make this flotilla a unique experience where clients feel that they are going on a personal voyage with the DREAMSPEAKER TEAM and where they will share some of their favorite destinations & experiences

with LAURENCE as the coach on this MILEAGE BUILDER program, this cruise is with an instructor but the goals are building up experience at your current level without looking at new material. With Ann, you will learn all the history &details of every bay & island in DESOLATION SOUND without turning a page
this trip is 7 days, 7 nights starting and finishing in POWELL RIVER Sept 11th, to book a cabin on ANN & LAURENCE'S  boat please contact our office as soon as possible as we are booking up fast ~ this flotilla currently has 6 boats confirmed but we have room to add a few more if you would like to book your own group on your own private charter

become an INSTRUCTOR

share your passion for introducing others to the art of sailing this program is for you!  dates for the fall INSTRUCTORS' courses have been set with a condensed 6 day option starting in VANCOUVER on NOVEMBER 5th

Subject: cannot tie knots? TIE LOTS
(Posted on Jul 25, 2013 at 04:57PM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
they say if you can't tie knots, tie lots

we see a lot of interesting creations dockside, we've termed this one a CHARTER HITCH:

to learn how to create more beautiful & effective knots, join one of our courses or check out this link to the animated knots page

you'll be doing it right in no time!!