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Subject: 3 one of a kind vessels added to the fleet today
(Posted on Apr 1, 2012 at 09:45AM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
if LIFE is like a BOX of CHOCOLATES, then it is time to CRUISE LIKE GUMP  

we're very pleased to add the world famous JENNY to the fleet - made famous in the movie FORREST GUMP - you too can be a shrimp boat captain on your summer charter cruise
NOT the right flavour? how about our THREE LITTLE PIGS edition sailboat meant to take that annoying new boat resin smell out of the experience?

perhaps you can't decide between a cruise and a big road trip?  our boat/car option might be just for you

act now and we'll ensure you have a lifetime supply of powdered lemonade from the large stash in NORTH VANCOUVER - seen last night on our VANCOUVER HARBOUR CRUISE! (limited to what you can get aboard your vessel)

Subject: DREAMSPEAKER seminar change (CALGARY / EDMONTON)
(Posted on Mar 21, 2012 at 05:11PM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
ANNE YEADON-JONES found some great video material and has changed the flavour of her seminar slightly to talk about the fantastic trip from VANCOUVER to magical PRICESS LOUISA MARINE PARK

below is the latest  versions of the EDMONTON & CALGARY sessions - with this change highlighted in YELLOW

if you are coming and have not done so already, please let us know which sessions you plan to attend so, in the event we reach room capacity at any session, we can give you priority

some of our experts are on their way to ALBERTA - here's hoping the weather cooperates!

Subject: YES! Yacht Expo Seminars Edmonton & Calgary
(Posted on Mar 20, 2012 at 02:16PM ) Tags:

yacht expo seminars  EDMONTON  spring 2012


please see newer version posted 3/21/2012

entrance will be by donation to the  EDMONTON YOUTH EMERGENCY SHELTER


P L E A S E  R S V P  to  b a r b m u r r a y


b a r b @ c o o p e r b o a t i n g . c o m  o r  8 8 8 . 9 9 9 . 6 4 1 9


yacht expo seminars CALGARY spring 2012


entrance will be by donation to the  CALGARY FOOD BANK

P L E A S E  R S V P  to   b a r b  m u r r a y

  b a r b @ c o o p e r b o a t i n g . c o m  o r  8 8 8 . 9 9 9 . 6 4 1 9 


(Posted on Mar 17, 2012 at 11:20AM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
the schedule has been juggled to add ANNE YEADON-JONES to our line up of boat and yachting experts visiting ALBERTA next weekend

an updated final schedule has just been posted to the site and here is the team lineup for the yacht expo seminars in Calgary and Edmonton

Subject: OLYMPIC medalist at JIB SET tomorrow
(Posted on Mar 2, 2012 at 12:44PM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
ROSS MACDONALD, two time OLYMPIC MEDALIST in sailing for CANADA, is presenting sail trim tips after DAVE CRAMB (RACE READY) for the JIB SET membership tomorrow - if you are interested in racing sailboats, or just sailing them better, this double header is sure to please

JIB SET has organized a number of seminars to help membership keep their heads in boating when the weather is not ideal for actually boating  

only a few spaces remain 

these sessions are free to full and associate JIB SET members - a VANCOUVER sailing club 

another popular session will be the SPINNAKER CLINIC coming up in MARCH, just after the JIB SET OPEN HOUSE

if you are new to sailing or looking to get back into it, remember JIB SET, with unlimited sailing a only $149/month on late model, purpose built club sailboats,  is the best value of any keelboat sailing program in the area

we're also around all morning for the club maintenance session

Subject: vancouver boat show - saving the best for last
(Posted on Feb 12, 2012 at 09:22AM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
we have saved the best for last - today is the final day of the VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW and immediately next to the floating venue we are having four special seminars by donation to the food bank.

at 10.30 Jeff Cote from Pacific Yacht Systems is back for Electrical 101.  Jeff is the expert in recreational marine electrical and this is a fantastic seminar.

at noon, Marla Hedman will be working through EXPANDING YOUR HORIZONS - worldwide charter holidays and licensing

our feature speaker comes at 2pm -  yacht designer, builder, Canadian Olympic Sailing Team coach and America's Cup official DON MARTIN will bring these adventures together in SHORT TACKING THROUGH LIFE - including highlights of bringing LADY VAN back to life and to first place finishes in local events and beyond.

at 4pm, Peter Derviller, commodore of the JIB SET will talk about the best value in sailing, the JIB SET sailing club
Subject: Social Interaction Touches Many At The 2012 Vancouver Boat Show
(Posted on Feb 10, 2012 at 12:50PM by Steven A)
The boat show brings out many different types of folks. It was too wet for expensive camera equipment Thurs at the Vancouver Boat Show Annex at Granville Island so our photographer Dean Churra concentrated on BC Place Stadium. Here are a few of his amazing shots that really captured the moment.

Check out the rest of the images here -

Free boat rides with Jib Set down here at Cooper Boating this weekend.

Subject: 2012 Vancouver International Boat Show - Day 3.
(Posted on Feb 10, 2012 at 12:08PM by Steven A) Tags:
After 2 solid days of rain which can be hit or miss for this time of year on Vancouver’s ‘Wet Coast’ people were lined up for today’s opening Boat Show’s Annex located just beside Cooper Boating’s office on Granville Island.

Although it doesn’t look like the sun is going to shine today it still looks like its turning out to be a great day for coming down to the boat show.
2012 Vancouver Boat Show Friday Annex Opening

Be sure to check out our live web cam, the same web cam featured on the Vancouver Boat Show’s web site. Granville Island Web Cam

Subject: A fresh site and office for VANCOUVER BOAT SHOW
(Posted on Feb 3, 2012 at 10:23AM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
the main gate to the boat show floating venue is between our office and clubhouse - you can't get any closer than that - check out the new web functions including a WEBCAM that looks exactly at the boat show docks… setup happening NOW... show opens WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 8


we've freshened both the website and office last while and hope you enjoy some of the new functions including secure booking engines and simplified browsing of courses - check out the new course showcase - shopping for your next course should be as much fun as the course itself!
Subject: Holiday thoughts and gatherings for boat crazy folks
(Posted on Dec 14, 2011 at 03:50PM ) Tags:
Boat folks are great at socializing and this Friday is the main event.  Remember the events of 2011 and connect with others for some great events in 2012.  Kitsilano Yacht Club FRIDAY DECEMBER 16 - details and rsvp

Cooper & Catalina holiday gathering - TUESDAY DECEMBER 20 - Meet a any legends lately?  We've got some at Granville Island on Tuesday, including our founder Mr. Forbes Cooper and his little 64' toy (a great gift idea?)  and will have some festive cheer afloat in the marina.  details   join us 

Stuck shopping for a boat enthusiast?  People asking what to get you?
The gift that's great to share is a gift certificate from Cooper Boating.  Available for any program or denomination, Cooper Boating gift certificates can be obtained through our office - open daily through December 24 at noon.   If you are unable to come by, we can arrange your certificate by phone and send you a certificate by e-mail to print for your favourite boater.   When people ask what you want, don't forget that time on the water is truly priceless!