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Subject: new fleet additions - READY for this great summer
(Posted on Jul 9, 2012 at 09:46AM by Colin Jackson)
the market has been moving and owners have just added the following boats to our program - boats all available for you to charter this spectacular summer

2010 BENETEAU 43 - SANS SOUCI (sidney)

2012 BAVARIA 36 CRUISER - CORENIA (vancouver)

WESTCOAST 64' - ISLAND ROAMER (powell river)


CATALINA 320 - ALLWYNDS (vancouver)

there are a few more in the works - so stay tuned

wondering why the sudden activity? ~~ we will say the stars are all aligned thanks to a strong currency market, market bottom pricing, looming tax changes, available moorage and more - ask us today to elaborate on how you could take advantage of these conditions
Subject: toy store aboard our charter FLAGSHIPS
(Posted on Jun 23, 2012 at 01:54PM by Colin Jackson)
when cruising on a power boat on our spectacular BRITISH COLUMBIA coast, sometimes it is the getting there that you enjoy -- and sometimes it is what you do when you get there - the TOYS!!

the flagship vessels at COOPER boating are charters with something special in every case - at the VANCOUVER LOCATION, you can charter MORIA and enjoy a few of the special extras (accessories) that make this boat special:

1) HOW ABOUT a couple cute KAYAKS? MORIA's got 'em

2) A GIANT RIB to explore further on the 'small boat' - this RIB has more equipment than some of our 30 foot charter vessels!

3) A CABIN FOR your very own CRUISE DIRECTOR (or CAPTAIN).... let's face it, some PERSONNEL can make all the difference between running the boat and feeling like work and taking someone along to handle all the details - big FUN option is a place to put your key PERSONNEL (they even have their own head and mini galley on this boat!)

4) SUN BRITE TV - yup - a TV optimized for watching outside... just in case it's MOVIE NIGHT on your private cruise!

5) GIGANTIC FLYBRIDGE with open CALIFORNIA KITCHEN and plenty of seating both open and under cover of the gigantic BIMINI

MORIA is visiting GRANVILLE ISLAND at the moment - DROP DOWN and check out this flagship.... also consider ISLAND ROAMER out of POWELL RIVER and LAST TANGO out of SIDNEY
Subject: flotillas with the DREAMSPEAKER guide TEAM
(Posted on Jun 2, 2012 at 08:13AM by Colin Jackson)
we've got two SPECTACULAR flotillas lined up with the DREAMSPEAKER TEAM - a couple to literally wrote the books on cruising this region

later in JUNE we're heading to PRINCESS LOUISA INLET from COOPER BOATING VANCOUVER and in SEPTEMBER we'll sail to DESOLATION SOUND from the POWELL RIVER location

you can join a flotilla with your own bareboat charter here in BC, on a mileage builder course, or hire a skipper to handle the boat for you... one lucky group on each of these trips can have LAURENCE YEADON JONES of the dreamspeaker team as their skipper and ANNE as first mate!


many people ask how to get from their first courses to comfortably chartering - FLOTILLAS ARE A GREAT WAY TO do this because you are on your own boat with your own crew, but you have a shepherd of sorts, and these two are THE BEST!

Subject: we are MOVING!
(Posted on May 11, 2012 at 01:04PM by Colin Jackson)
but we are not moving far - the COOPER office at PORT SIDNEY marina is moving from the second floor down to the breezeway

come see us about sailing charters and sailing lessons in SIDNEY (victoria), as well as power boat lessons and charters here as well 

updates are underway (excuse the 'cage look' )

we should be in by the long weekend but with priority on the boats and clients this time of the year, we'll likely have the 'just moved in look' for a little while

local phone 250.655.4979  toll-free 800.667.9833
Subject: friday night racing UNDERWAY
(Posted on May 10, 2012 at 10:38AM by Colin Jackson)
a sure fire sign that boating season has arrived is the commencement of FRIDAY NIGHT RACING with the JIB SET SAILING CLUB - the best sailing club in VANCOUVER (partly because you don't need your own boat)

come for a sail with our beginner sailboat racing program to kick off your weekend and then have a bbq ashore and talk about what went well (and where you can learn more - it's sailing after all!)

drop in and test drive the club through the recreational membership a couple times - all fees can be rebated against a full membership

this is the ultimate way to follow up your VANCOUVER sailing courses

the club uses for social (shoreside) events and boat access is available through a few membership options - JOIN US TODAY
Subject: weekend expo schedule
(Posted on Apr 25, 2012 at 02:24PM by Colin Jackson)
here's the schedule for this weekend's YACHT EXPO SEMINARS

0930  -  Jeff Cote – Pacific Yacht Systems -  Marine Electrical 101

1130  -  Dave Bonar – Bosun’s Yacht Sales and Service - Up close and personal with your marine head

1330  -  Anne Yeadon Jones – join the DREAMSPEAKER cruising guide team on a trip to Princess Louisa Marine Park

1530   - Colin Jackson – Cooper Boating - unlock the mysteries of docking (sail & power vessels)

1pm  -  4pm   yacht purchase workshop –  learn a proven process for finding the boat of your dreams, making informed purchase decisions and caring for your new baby in this session 
bring your questions including  those around importing, registration, moorage, private and charter ownership 

in general, it's time to get READY for some fun on the water - that's what these are all about - need more information - here's the details on some of the YES 
Subject: hockey mystery unlocked
(Posted on Apr 23, 2012 at 03:51PM by Colin Jackson)
the great mystery of how our local hockey team so quickly fell from grace is easily explained by the fantastic boating season ahead

after that great easter weekend followed by the first few games, clearly the boating gods were winning their struggle against the hockey gods and in the end, lords of boating charters and boating lessons dictated that the superb boating season ahead was everyone's destiny, including our local hockey team

hope our team enjoys the water - you should too!
Subject: victoria BOAT SHOW
(Posted on Apr 18, 2012 at 08:41AM by Colin Jackson)
thursday the VICTORIA boat show opens and we have 15 passes to give to the the first 15 people to contact us with their birthdays (month and day - no need for the year - we're not into that!)  

we have lots of exciting things - come see us on the water and in the shore tent - we have lots of strategic partners including the DREAMSPEAKER TEAM - authors of the popular DREAMSPEAKER CRUISING GUIDES


we have power boats for sale (into the fleet) and for charter including ISLAND ROAMER and PRINCESS PATRICIA with our BOSUN'S SALES team and you can board OPPORTUNITY and LES P'TITS FESSES as well - a couple sailboats for sale (into the fleet) with YACHT SALES WEST or charter  through us


they also have a great CATALINA 355 - let them help you buy her (or one of the others above) and we'll help you pay for it and we have moorage ready in any of our locations you choose -- most of these boats have revenue lined up as a great head start

boat show details

Subject: one GREAT event down, a bunch on the near horizon
(Posted on Apr 13, 2012 at 07:34PM by Colin Jackson)
wow! the EASTER BUNNY delivered this time - we had 18 boats meeting up over the beautiful EASTER WEEKEND as the group went to THETIS ISLAND, NEWCASTLE & GABRIOLA (with a few going to GIBSONS last night)

the weather more than cooperated - in fact, the EASTER BUNNY doesn't remember quite as nice an easter weekend - well - ever  standby for more photos, but suffice to say it was a BLAST

with no kiddies under 8 years old, the treasure hunt was upgraded to EASTER BUNNY EXTREME and people found themselves scaling rocks, fighting prickle bushes and looking around rusty bits for their treasure.... this one was the toughest ever - but because we're the only planet with CHOCOLATE - it is all worth it of course

the near horizon sees our SHOWCASE BOAT SHOW at the provincial capital... come see us at the VICTORIA FLOATING BOAT SHOW april 19-22 right down in front of the EMPRESS HOTEL in downtown VICTORIA

the following weekend we have another YES weekend - YACHT EXPO SEMINARS will be back bigger and better than ever - do something nice for the FOOD BANK and get a whole lot of TIPS AND TRICKS in boating seminars from local experts

we look forward to getting you ready for FUN ON THE WATER

that is all - easter bunny

Subject: 3 one of a kind vessels added to the fleet today
(Posted on Apr 1, 2012 at 09:45AM by Colin Jackson)
if LIFE is like a BOX of CHOCOLATES, then it is time to CRUISE LIKE GUMP  

we're very pleased to add the world famous JENNY to the fleet - made famous in the movie FORREST GUMP - you too can be a shrimp boat captain on your summer charter cruise
NOT the right flavour? how about our THREE LITTLE PIGS edition sailboat meant to take that annoying new boat resin smell out of the experience?

perhaps you can't decide between a cruise and a big road trip?  our boat/car option might be just for you

act now and we'll ensure you have a lifetime supply of powdered lemonade from the large stash in NORTH VANCOUVER - seen last night on our VANCOUVER HARBOUR CRUISE! (limited to what you can get aboard your vessel)

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