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Subject: She said YES!
(Posted on Dec 24, 2009 at 09:05AM )
Well, at least that is what it looked like from the helm position of Stray Cat last night at 2020hrs off Quayside Marina in Yaletown.  Calvin Cheung chartered the Lagoon 380 for a private cruise to join the Carol Ships off of Stanley Park and around and through False Creek.  

This surprise cruise for Beverly Chan started as we navigated the docks to the boat at Granville Island's Maritime Market where Stray Cat sat warmed up and waiting.  We actually got off the dock a little ahead of schedule, allowing some time to get all the way around to near the Lion's Gate Bridge to find other vessels taking place in the parade of Carol Ships.  In fact, with the concept of lead, follow or get out of the way, we ended up with the carol ships lining up behind us and had the opportunity to get into False Creek with all the other boats seemingly in tow!  

As some of the parade headed under the Cambie Street Bridge, we pulled away - next to the promenade of Yaletown's Quayside Marina.  Now, we couldn't get under that bridge if we wanted to, but spinning around and holding station gave a great backdrop of the bridge and the various Carol Ships either continuing under the bridge or turned immediately in front of us.

Now, I felt sort of like a one person cheering section back at the helm as the couple gathered forward and to starboard on the vessel.  Thankfully, it is pretty impossible to hear anything from back there,  but I can tell you that chivalry is most certainly not dead. Calvin came to his knee at one point and if the bouquet of flowers were any bigger, we would have had to get a cargo manifest to have it aboard! Body language and a happy couple getting off the boat some time later indicated that by all accounts, the trip was a success.

Our own version of the Love Boat - from 1977 to 1986 Captain Steubing took the Pacific Princess to tropical ports of call and, apart from a bit of a chill in the air and an urgent need for a little hot cocoa, those stories had nothing over the warmth of last night as these two enjoyed their own private cruise at the lead of the parade of Carol Ships.

A winter Love Boat story right here in False Creek.  It's now permanently recorded in Stray Cat's log and the happy couple can visit the Quayside Marina anytime they like to be right where it occurred.  Our whole crew (more of the cheering sections) We love being part of the special times in people's lives!

Subject: 2010 Sailing School Catalogue Available
(Posted on Dec 23, 2009 at 02:47PM )
It's ready - the 2010 sailing school course lineup is ready - both in print and online Contact our office and we'll be happy to mail you a copy to browse as you recover from holiday indulgences and plan lots of fun on the water in the happiest of new years. 

We have devoted the beginning of this year's publication to providing a new overview of various programs and how they all fit together.  For those you meet at this special time of year that have always wanted to start sailing, there is also a section about "Brand New to Sailing." It's great to introduce people to this activity and that's what this new part of the publication is all about.

For those who've started and want to continue with our course lineup, you will also find trusted favourites and some interesting new programs. The power boat courses are on-line and we'll follow up with that material next year in print for those so inclined.

The office is open daily except for the afternoon of the 24th and 31st along with the entire day on December 25, 26 and January 1.  As you plan for some great times on the water in 2010, we're here to get you there!

Subject: Getting out of town - Cooper tropical destination assistance
(Posted on Dec 20, 2009 at 04:05PM )
We've got some great tips for dealing with the off season experiences on the water, but for some, the best tip is how to get out of town completely.  Our crew has been around the globe experiencing the Whitsundays in Australia, the British Virgin Islands (even have our favourite - Cooper Island!) and we've even had dock staff who've worked in Croatia and instructors who worked in Greece.  Looking at the whole world and selecting the best destination circles back to someone that can relate the experience you want to the one's you've already had here in BC waters - and our Cooper crew are here year round and eager to help you book and plan something that fits.

Whether it's Marla comparing the strong winds of Antigua to the protected waters of Croatia or Dawn explaining provisioning tips in Nanny Cay - having worked there one winter - you're sure to get the insider tips you need to have a great time anywhere outside of BC.  Contact the crew today!

Subject: Easy to shop for
(Posted on Dec 13, 2009 at 08:32AM )
The gift that's great to share is a gift certificate from Cooper Boating.  Available for any program or denomination, Cooper Boating gift certificates can be obtained through our office - open daily through Christmas Eve at noon.   If you are unable to come by, we can arrange your certificate by phone and send you a certificate by e-mail to print for your favourite boater.   When people ask what you want, don't forget that time on the water is truly priceless! Go to Cooper Boating for great course selection.

Subject: Conny Strub moves on to outfitting
(Posted on Dec 6, 2009 at 10:15PM )
After quite a few years working closely with our Eurpoean clientele, Conny Strub - our master of many languages and passionate world competitor - has moved on from Cooper Boating.  But she has not not moved far.  Conny is in the same building - in fact, if you travel from our current Granville Island location back towards our old location, you'll pass Conny's new store.  Strub Outdoor and Marine is well suited to keep you warm and dry as you enjoy off season boating.

As one of our sailors puts it: "there's no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothing".  Conny couldn't put it better herself!

We wish her well with this exciting new pursuit.  Drop by Granville Island soon to see both the Strub store and Cooper!

Subject: New Dufour 425 Halo sails fast and apparently books fast too!
(Posted on Nov 24, 2009 at 11:58AM )
The latest addition to the Cooper sailing charter fleet is Halo, a new Dufour 425 with a 3 cabin layout and sleek up-to-date styling.  Since announcing this addition to the fleet, 3 key sailing times have vanished.  So, not only is this boat quick to sail, she's quick to book - so act soon to take advantage of some key times still available in 2010.

Visit  Halo at our website and contact us today!

Subject: Bayliner 33 coming to Sidney location shortly
(Posted on Nov 21, 2009 at 07:15PM )
We're delighted to announce the addition of a loaded Bayliner 3388 for the Sidney fleet.   This boat is arriving shortly and we would be delighted to book your spectacular summer holiday from the picturesque Port Sidney Marina.   Contact Dawn at our Sidney office  for more details on this great boat.

Subject: Vancouver 2010 Olympic Accommodations on a Yacht
(Posted on Nov 18, 2009 at 02:15PM )
2010 Olympic Accommodations on beautiful Granville Island!

We have the accommodations you need right in the heart of the city of Vancouver! From luxury Yachts to smaller multicabin sailboats, we have over 15 yachts to choose from to suit your needs. Our yachts are booking up quickly so call today to avoid disappointment! Since we are located on Granville Island in the heart of Vancouver, you will have easy access to and from the Vancouver International Airport and most of the Olympic venues including Canada Hockey Place (GM Place), Pacific Coliseum, Cypress Mountain, Richmond Oval, Hillcrest/Nat Bailey and the UBC Winter Sports Centre. All of the yachts will have heating, 120 volt electrical supply, full galleys, linens, towels and 24 hour access. Give us a call to book your accommodations today and ensure you have a Spectacular stay during the 2010 Games in Vancouver at 1-888-999-6419 or 604 687 4110 Please note that not all yachts may be available, minimum booking 7 nights, special rates apply.
Subject: Cooper Boating has a new home in Sidney, BC
(Posted on Nov 18, 2009 at 01:34PM )
We are pleased to announce that Cooper Boating has a new home in Sidney. The beautiful PORT SIDNEY MARINA is a world class facility at the heart of town with easy access to restaurants, shops, hotels, a spa and the magic of Sidney by the Sea. Our facilities include a meet & greet office in the floating marina office as you enter the facility at 9835 Seaport Place (second floor above the entrance - by the ship's wheel) and a shop at the far end of the marina. We look forward to serving you from this spectacular location.
Subject: Location Based Galleries Track Cooper Locations
(Posted on Nov 5, 2009 at 01:56PM )
We've created a Google infused gallery pinpointing our Cooper Boating locations - Vancouver on Granville Island, Sidney on Vancouver Island and Powell River on the Sunshine Coast.

We are pretty excited about these location based galleries. We will be able to load images real time with descriptions of activities, even links to more details. Interested parties can publish our posts on their own web sites or blogs simply by grabbing our widget code, or they can be notified by email or SMS each time we make an update.

We've also added collaboration tools allowing members to comment and share their own experiences with their peeps.

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