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Subject: Filling the Food Bank
(Posted on Nov 23, 2015 at 02:25PM )
We would like to extend a great big THANK YOU to everyone who attended
Cooper Boating's Yacht Expo Seminars this past weekend! 

Not only did we have a great bunch of seminars, but we also collected an impressive amount of groceries for the         Vancouver Food Bank!


Subject: boat buying experts on site SUNDAY
(Posted on Nov 20, 2015 at 08:50AM by Colin Jackson)

" learn the rules of the boat buying game "

We have experts here in the areas of marine surveys, mechanical inspections, marine finance, marine insurance, boat brokerage including having assistance buying with access to market data.

If you've always wanted to buy a boat, this is the day where we bring all the help you'll need together in one place.

Morning session packed with guest speakers including banker, broker, marine surveyors and a marine mechanic run from 0900 to 1200.

Afternoon sessions, including workshops on minimizing costs & hassles start at 1300 ~ wrapping up by 1630 hrs

food bank

YACHT EXPO SEMINARS benefit the VANCOUVER FOOD BANK ~ join the fun ~ learn ~ support a great cause ~

all our presenters volunteer & your only cost is a donation to this great cause
(Posted on Nov 19, 2015 at 11:02AM by Colin Jackson)
After 50 years, there are a lot of people by now who have DONE the VIC MAUI race.  Far fewer have WON the VIC MAUI race.  We're fortunate this SATURDAY to have PETER SALUSBURY on site.  Peter was the 2014 VIC MAUI CHAMPION aboard his purpose built LONGBOARD.


Come join the adventure from the comfort of the GRANVILLE ISLAND classroom.  VIC MAUI, 50 years of pine trees to palm trees is SATURDAY at 1300 hours.


YACHT EXPO SEMINARS benefit the VANCOUVER FOOD BANK ~ join the fun ~ learn ~ support a great cause ~

all our presenters volunteer & your only cost is a donation to this great cause 
Subject: ROUND THE ISLAND: a multihull perspective
(Posted on Nov 13, 2015 at 07:18PM by Colin Jackson)
BOB DAVIS is the president of the BC MULTIHULL SOCIETY & part owner of the legendary cat "BAD KITTY"

~at 1400hrs on NOVEMBER 21, BOB is on site talking about adventures on the VAN ISLE 360 RACE from his perspective as a multihull sailor ~

bad kitty catamaran

NEED more information on sailing cats? BOB DAVIS is our expert on hand, having been involved in some way with every VAN ISLE 360 race ever run!

~ YACHT EXPO SEMINARS benefit the VANCOUVER FOOD BANK ~ join the fun ~ learn ~ support a great cause ~

all our presenters volunteer & your only cost is a donation to this great cause

food bank

Subject: Waterfalls, Glaciers and Bears- OH My!
(Posted on Nov 10, 2015 at 10:57AM )
2652 Miles, 2 boats, 8 weeks: Sidney to Juneau Alaska and Back.

John Gourlay, our head Instructor at Cooper Boating, took two groups aboard powerboats Electra, and Island Roamer on an epic journey up the Inside Passage to the stunning and beautiful waters of Alaska.   John has stories of route planning, the unexpected, and the WOW factor of it all.

Come hear John Gourlay speak on NOVEMBER 21 about this Alaska adventure with waterfalls, glaciers and bears. . . Oh My!

john waterfall

YACHT EXPO SEMINARS benefit the food bank & allow you to share some of the magic by those who have gone before & done what you may hope to do.  Register your interest today & stay connected to the magic.

Subject: FORT LAUDERDALE BOAT SHOW: survival guide
(Posted on Nov 8, 2015 at 04:27PM by Colin Jackson)
WOW!  If you've been struggling on that decision between your Falcon jet, a new exotic car, or adding a hundred feet of boat to your inventory, well FORT LAUDERDALE INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW was the place to be 'efficient with all your choices'. Grab your entourage & have some fun. 


While touring the various superyachts, it was clear that CIRCLES are back in.   Why do stripes when you can add circles down the side of your boat?


This one has overlapping circles - very CHIC!


Speaking of CIRCLES, bring your wheels right to the dock.  That way the shipwrights can figure out how to match the paint on your various rides, or find a boat big enough to roll the wheels right aboard.   You'll note this little 'tub' just didn't match up with the ride. 

lights camera action

Speaking of circles, there are plenty of lights top & bottom.   This one was sparkling at sundown in front of her red carpet.   While not circular in nature, this RV inspired 'bumpout 'is essential for summoning 'your peeps':   


If you need a great dose of excess, mark your calendars for the FLIBS!!  It was so much fun!!!

Subject: SNOW to SAND - south pacific sailing
(Posted on Nov 6, 2015 at 05:51AM by Colin Jackson)
A decision on a snowy engineering job site led to a phone call which fostered a lifetime of sailing adventures - ultimately an entire book of sailing memoirs.

How exactly does THAT happen?

Join ALAN BOREHAM on NOVEMBER 21 at 1600hrs as he shares the adventures of sailing to & through the SOUTH PACIFIC - at our GRANVILLE ISLAND LOCATION.


Alan is a sailor & world traveller. In 1982, Alan left Vancouver to sail to Hawaii on an offshore training course and continued on, working his way across the South Pacific aboard sailing yachts.  He is an author & travel writer & lives in North Vancouver. 

After returning from cruising, he joined COOPER BOATING as head instructor before heading for points east.  His recent collaborative effort "BEER IN THE BILGES" represents both memoirs from the epic journey & a reminder to get out and enjoy adventures by boat.  

YACHT EXPO SEMINARS benefit the food bank & allow you to share some of the magic by those who have gone before & done what you may hope to do.  Register your interest today & stay connected to the magic.

Subject: TOM on top
(Posted on Nov 4, 2015 at 02:52PM )
This is Tom.  

silly guy

You can often find him hanging around Cooper Boating on Granville Island.  He’s one of our Instructors, and also one of our capable crew aboard our entry boat Alegria for the 2016 VicMaui race.

Right now, Tom is trying out some new safety gear for ascending and descending masts- I’ve been given the task of contact person- I am standing in the nice warm office with my coffee in one hand, 2 way radio in the other- watching Tom out in the crisp air wrangling lines.

“Hello Max, testing”.  Says Tom.   Max has just gone to lunch.

“Max isn’t here Tom,  It’s Jeny”. 

“Ok great- just testing my emergency line”

“Oh don’t worry Tom”, I say, “ you’re completely safe in my very capable puppeteering manipulative hands”. 

There’s a short burst of static. . . did he drop the radio?  

“Oh!” he chuckles, “that’s - really. . .  great!”

I think he likes Max better.   It’s probably a guy thing.

Subject: the MAGIC of MULTIHULLS
(Posted on Aug 29, 2015 at 04:21PM by Colin Jackson)
around the world, multihull boats are taking over in cruising, racing & certainly in chartering
* efficient use of space
* privacy when you need it, great social spaces when you don't

* comfortable ride

..... & much much more
two very interesting multihull boats are ready for you to check out at the BOAT SHOW at the CREEK SEPTEMBER 17-20 in NORTH VANCOUVER
see the AQUILA 44 & the F-33 trimaran

can't make it?  check out SEPTEMBER ISSUE of PACIFIC YACHTING to learn about the AQUILA 44

Subject: boating safe just got easier
(Posted on Aug 12, 2015 at 04:54PM by Colin Jackson)
PLAN, MANAGE, ENJOY a safer boating trip with YACHTCLOUD9

~ everyone knows they are supposed to file a float plan so that emergency procedures can commence if they are overdue & don't check in ~ but so few people take these steps ~ 

WHY? ~ because it's a pain.... until now ~ ENJOY THE FREEDOM of managing your boating adventures from your PC, tablet or smartphone with YACHTCLOUD9 - sign up today for FREE!

~ if you like YACHTCLOUD9 - check them out at PRODUCT HUNT today ~


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