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Subject: ALASKA 2015
(Posted on Nov 26, 2014 at 02:56PM by Samantha Jackson)

have you dreamed about cruising the INSIDE PASSAGE TO ALASKA
well next summer from may 16th to july 13th you could live out your dream!

COOPER BOATING is setting up a flotilla that will be leaving POWELL RIVER may 17th and headed for JUNEAU ALASKA
~the trip will be run in 4 – 2 week long stages:  powell river to prince rupert, prince rupert to juneau, juneau to prince rupert, and prince rupert to powell river ~ you can book a boat and take your own crew, or book a berth and travel with a group of like-minded adventurers ~choose 1, 2 or all 4 stages~  if you have your own boat, you can join the flotilla too

for more information call dawn at our sidney office at 250-655-4979 and she will help make
your INSIDE PASSAGE dream trip to ALASKA happen!
fair winds and following seas…
Subject: we met MR WRIGHT
(Posted on Nov 12, 2014 at 07:56PM by Colin Jackson)
~ the joke of the week started: "I'm off to meet MR. WRIGHT" "tell him I've been waiting for him all my life" replied DANIELLE ~

hanse 470

a few quick decisions lands WRIGHT WAY in the fleet for SIDNEY this coming season ~ this beautiful grey hulled 2012 HANSE 470 is loaded with electric winches, retractible bow thruster, teak decks & a few short handed features like a self tacking jib ~

if you are looking for a sailboat charter out of SIDNEY (near VICTORIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT), this is one of the finest choices you can make

hanse 470 charter

~ she arrived at GRANVILLE ISLAND tonight to get fitted with a bimini for further comfort ~ come visit this three cabin boat (with two cabins yet to have ever been slept in!) & reserve for your summer holiday in the GULF ISLANDS

~ if you are considering boat ownership, also know now is the best time of the year to add a boat to the program ~ even if you can't meet MR. WRIGHT, you can at least take his lead!!

Subject: a nice NOVEMBER forecast for SIMPLE PLEASURES
(Posted on Nov 3, 2014 at 10:06AM by Colin Jackson)
when we see a forecast like this in NOVEMBER, we'll take it!  ~ especially when it's our last flotilla entirely in 2014

wx simple pleasures flotilla

~ we'll be heading off to GIBSONS & SNUG COVE this weekend, with a crew members brining a special dish for the famous POTLUCK on SATURDAY night ~

SUNDAY morning we dine where RELIC of the BEACHCOMBERS did at MOLLY'S REACH before heading to SNUG COVE ~ up over GAMBIER if conditions permit

molly's reach

~ act now ~ we'd love to have you aboard ~

(Posted on Oct 31, 2014 at 03:16PM )

red lights flashing, alarms sounding, and ten miles from land? no need to panic!
our student driven lessons are led by a licensed diesel mechanic with a specific emphasis on marine installations for recreational vessels

learn the basics of how the diesel engine runs, some simple preventative maintenance and learn to rectify simple problems ~ one SATURDAY in the classroom from 9am – 5pm ~ Price $159 per person
learn to perform preventative maintenance, rectify simple problems and understand larger projects when you are working with a professional and parting with your hard earned dollars ~ this program affords more time to delve into the various systems that support reliable operation of a diesel engine ~~ four weekly evening classes from 6:30 - 9:30pm and one full SATURDAY shop day at the conclusion ~
november 12 class runs WEDNESDAY nights with a shop day on SATURDAY, december 6 ~ Price $399 per person

these clinics are coming up fast, give us a call at 604-687-4110 sign up
Subject: meet AARON ~ our new fleet WRANGLER
(Posted on Oct 30, 2014 at 03:51PM by Colin Jackson)
~ AARON TWEEDY jumped from aviation to the water, but it was not a big leap because he found some of his old acquaintances here & he has always had a passion for boats

~ shown here AARON is taking a SELFIE while moving one of our boats ~ his specialty is POWER BOATS ~ but he's been doing well on his sailing skills as well ~

AARON's mission is to ensure we have the best possible fleet moving forward ~ to that end, AARON is helping convert our popular BOAT BUYING SEMINARS to also be available on a WEBINAR FORMAT

~ if buying a boat is on your near horizon, contact AARON TWEEDY to get some help ~

if you need help remembering his name, try this:

(Posted on Oct 23, 2014 at 01:43PM )
as the french national anthem was sung dockside it could only mean one thing... that ANTOINE CENSI
had been awarded the gold medal at the JIBSET CLUB’S first annual docking HULLYMPICS ~~
7 participants competed in 3 events, and FRANCE CAME OUT ON TOP~~congratulations ANTOINE!
& of course PETER & HARRY, our silver & bronze medalists!

 photo: harry pratt


the MYSTERY CRUISE was a huge success ~ ~ we had some great wind and a great crew,
with the infamous stephen desroches skippering CASSIOPEIA, our beautiful & FULLY ENCLOSED
bavaria 42 that is currently living in vancouver  ~ ~  here’s what our winners had to say:

“Jason and I really wanted to thank everyone at Coopers Boating for organizing such a great day out on the water.
Stephen was fantastic and we both truly enjoyed ourselves.  We are honestly grateful to have been invited.”  -Toula

“It was a perfect day.....   Stephen is marvellous and so entertaining - he gets the message out while making sure
everyone is keeping safe and having fun!  The weather was perfect.  Lots of wind for some really exciting sailing.
The crew was great - a perfect mix....The boat was fabulous - how lucky was I to be included on a stellar day like that!  
I can't thank you enough!”  -Kathleen

just another great weekend at cooper boating!

CASSIOPEIA (bavaria 42) is raring to go for your off-season adventure ~ her full enclosure makes sailing at this time of the year especially pleasant

(Posted on Oct 3, 2014 at 05:18PM )

WE organize great trips~YOU hop on and have fun

No experience required, but a sense of humor is essential!
As a CREW CLUB member, you get to take the helm, pull lines, tie knots and be part of the planning process, all under
the direction of a qualified skipper.
$39 per month, then pay as you go to various events
For a calender of events visit
There is even a FREE one month trial if you just want to try it out!

to stay at SILVA BAY before heading home.
This is all over the long weekend OCtober 10-13, boarding on Friday evening and returning Monday.

Become a temporary member and come along! We need a few more people on CORUS, our beautiful Bavaria 50.
Contact Danielle or Dawn at 604-683-6837

Hope to see you there :)
Subject: a few great people going incredible places (BY BOAT)
(Posted on Sep 25, 2014 at 01:54PM by Colin Jackson)

has been part of the sailing club for a few years now ~ having been a regular at FRIDAY NIGHT RACING, & needing a release from the accounting job, a suggestion came his way to do a series together at a higher level with a consistent crew

despite going through some big changes including a move & way too much work, JOHN stepped up to compete in the FALSE CREEK YACHT CLUB thursday night series ~ he had a team of JIB SET members that raced through AUGUST & early SEPTEMBER evenings

how'd it go?

thanks to a new crew, a few light air evenings & the gymnastics of that spinnaker, it was a few evenings before the crew made it all the way around for a finish  ~~ but the crew certainly improved throughout the series & there is a sign of stronger performances to come

after sailing, the crews often got together at FCYC to share tips & tell a few lies over drinks & a meal

our favourite quote circled around a boat that showed up to the start area ~ & despite not being registered to race ~ helped the new crew with additional challenges at the start line --- the quote that followed 

directed at the rogue skipper:  "register a boat & come fight like a man"

congratulations JOHN on stepping up to a higher level of competition ~ keep it up!


~ one of our favourite 'inspirational cruising couples' from CALGARY

~ certainly a little background is in order ~ DOUG was retired when we met him & PATRICIA remained working ~ as DOUG contemplated yacht ownership through our charter program, one of his many quotable moments surfaced:

DOUG: "I need something to do ~ how about you put fuel in the chase boat & I can go out and help people?

RESPONSE: "2/3 of our callouts relate to challenges with sewage systems - we're thinking of calling the place "POOPER boating"

DOUG: "I'll do 1/3 of your callouts"

~ & so it went ~ with almost no experience & living land locked in ALBERTA, this couple bought a cruising catamaran with the aspiration of cruising it to ALASKA, while training

how'd it go?

check out their story as published in PACIFIC YACHTING, & be sure to register your interest for your very own ALASKA adventure (we're heading there in SPRING 2015 as a group)

ps - our couple are now POWER BOAT adventurers, perhaps you will join DOUG on the next trip to ALASKA with a slightly different flavour ~ being retired & having wife & kids away working, DOUG has named his dog after TOM HANKS' volleyball "WILSON" in "CASTAWAY" ~ come to ALASKA & help DOUG back out of retirement!

doctor ken

DR. KEN owns a beautiful cruising boat in our fleet, let's check out DR. KEN's big adventure from this year ~

<<REWIND: september 2013

DR. KEN: well, I've got the time off in july ~ am I racing with you to HAWAII or should I head out on my own boat?

RESPONSE: let me check with the owner of the boat ~ hang on

how'd it go?

FORWARD>>: july 2014, about 120nm from MAUI

DR. KEN: do you think we've got a little too much sail up? (winds near 50 knots)

RESPONSE: (from owner of the boat):  this is FUN

DR. KEN: right

~ the tail end of TROPICAL STORM WALI was quite the adventure ~ the boat was going 13knots with just a 105% jib up & rain… never seen rain like that before, but the next morning ALEGRIA pulled into MAUI in typical conditions for paradise… catch the landfall here:

let's get YOU in these sort of pictures... starts with a key decision to do something SPECTACULAR
Subject: Advanced Navigation!
(Posted on Sep 23, 2014 at 01:54PM )
~Advanced Navigation Courses Coming Up~

A truly great navigator uses all the tools available to monitor where they are and where they are going.
Courses at this level focus on the different tools, and how to bring them together.
The format allows you to learn one piece at a time- and together they combine to a national certification.

1. Understanding Weather
Thursday October 2+Thursday October 9
2 evenings 6:30 to 9:30 for two consecutive Thursdays
Understand weather from a boaters’ perspective, with an emphasis on examining global
forces as they drive local conditions, as well as interpreting forecasts and weather maps
Dont let this be you!!

2. Electronic Charts
Saturday October 4
1 full day 9-5
Gain a basic understanding of different types of electronic charts, their features and limitaions,
and learn how to record waypoints and build a route

3. GPS
Sunday October 5
1 day 9-5
The understanding and operation of a GPS with emphasis on waypoint navigation

4. Understanding Radar
Wednesday October 15
1 evening 6:30 to 9:30 + 1 day practical the following Saturday (October 18) 9-5
Discover how to use radar to fix a position, track and identify targets and avoid collision

5. Advanced Passage Planning
Friday October 24
1 evening 6:30-9:30
Board following Friday until Sunday (October 31-November 2)
This on the water practical is the final component of the CYA Advanced Navigation Standard

The first four courses can be done with only Coastal Navigation as a prerequisite, however
to do the Advanced Passage Planning all other Advanced courses must be completed first.
After completion of all 5 modules, you will receive your CYA Advanced Navigation certification.

For more info visit
We hope to see you there!
Subject: thanksgiving flotilla
(Posted on Sep 14, 2014 at 10:18AM by Samantha Jackson)
flotillas are fantastic opportunities to cruise in company with other boats
~ travelling with a group gives you the comfort of safety in numbers, & a platform to meet people with similar nautical interests ~
the generally relaxed schedule, provide opportunities to participate as much or as little as you please- so even on the same trip, the social butterflies & the bookworms each find their little piece of holiday heaven 
~ thanksgiving weekend flotilla  ~
FRIDAY october 10th @ 6pm ~  monday october 13th @ 5pm
the plan:
board FRIDAY evening at 6pm, leaving the docks SATURDAY morning and heading to THETIS ISLAND through PORLIER PASS  
from there we'll head up to GABRIOLA ISLAND & stay at SILVA BAY on SUNDAY & head home returning the boats by 5pm MONDAY October 13th

~ your flotilla LEADER:
your flotilla leader is our very own COLIN JACKSON, president & part time janitor at COOPER, incredible mad-skilled boater, & a general salty dog is departing from VANCOUVER ~ we have interest in boats from SIDNEY as well 

~ special boats:
we're working on plans to get the VIC MAUI race boat ALEGRIA out there (also a plush cruising boat with teak decks, furnace etc… but OH how it sails) ~ the race is currently on for the JIB SET members to charter ALEGRIA before the CREW club has enough enrolment for this boat… perhaps a CRUISING CLUB MEMBER with advanced level training will snipe the whole boat… act now so we can see her out there 

~ perhaps another boat that begins and ends with 'A' - AMRITHA is a big cat out of SIDNEY

~ alegria & amritha~                     

~ many ways to join us! 
  • CHARTER a boat ~ contact our office for boat availability
  • bring your own boat ~ contact our office to register your vessel for the event
  • join the CREW club boat CLUB MEMBER PRICE $349 per person  (NOT A MEMBER? - you can obtain a 30 day trial membership to try out our events once before joining the club)
  • JIB SET MEMBERS - a few of your fellow members are looking to put together a charter
~ HOT rumours about the flotilla:
don't hold me to it ~ but I heard from someone, who knows someone, that there will be a scavenger hunt happening on this flotilla...
~ also heard a rumour that GINGER, the JACKSON's bernese sailing dog (aptly named for a character on GILLIGAN'S ISLAND) ~ will be the first dog in history to skipper a sailboat! (if you haven't heard a good rumour by 11am - start one!!) 

ginger ~ the bernese boating dog (no mountains in her future)
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