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Subject: fresh ideas to get you AFLOAT ASAP
(Posted on Apr 24, 2014 at 07:53PM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
get on the water MORE & have MORE FUN

the dilemma - how to get boating more -

    •    you don't have a boat
    •    you don't always have people to join or join you
    •    you want to stretch your boating buck


here are a few ideas that you may have considered & a few that you haven't:


want to get some boating lessons in as we capture some video, just LIKE COOPER BOATING on FACEBOOK & join the "LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION" conversation -- we're also turning our classroom into a studio to capture some of that great theory --- just in time to freshen up your skills for the season


starting MAY 9th, the weekly ritual begins ~ sail & socialize ~ you too may become a "FRIDAY NIGHTER"  with  JIB SET


we've been moving boats around a lot to get them serviced & ready - if you would like to crew when we do this, join the conversation on our FB page for that as well


refresher courses, clinics on specialty topics ~ they get you back up & going ~ & have a blast in the process


april 29 is our first evening social sail - per member price $29


browse the CLUBS PAGE

maybe you DO  want a boat?

check out our choices for great STARTER BOATS


we have hundreds of paths to get YOU the water… but there no wrong paths unless you are golfing instead of exploring our wonderful coast!
(Posted on Apr 4, 2014 at 03:55PM ) Tags:
Follow up to the introduction of Cooper Boating's new course announced April 1st:  
We have newly acquired a qualified instructor to fill the position of - HEAD INSTRUCTOR. 

Announcing Cooper Boating's new Head Instructor:   John Gourlay! 

We are all thrilled to have John in this new role, and look forward to seeing him put his skills, passion, drive & enthusiasm for boating towards making our courses, coaching sessions, and clinics excel to a level that surpasses our already excellent standards.  (no pressure John!)
We’re confident that you will enjoy John’s friendly demeanour, and his fun and fastidious teaching style. 
Welcome aboard John!
A little background on John:

John started sailing when he was 10 years old in El Toros on Henderson Lake in Lethbridge, Alberta.  The family joined the St. Mary’s Sailing Club a few years later where John sailed and raced Enterprises and Lasers.   He got lucky and won a race in 1967, and was sent to Ottawa to represent Alberta at the Centennial Regatta.  His crew was the youngest crew there, and he was the youngest sailor in the entire Regatta.   He continued sailing and racing during his working career in Ottawa, even gaining the title of a director of the New Edinburgh Yacht Club for a term.  When his career brought him to the West Coast, he upgraded his knowledge of boats and diesel engines by  taking a number of courses with Cooper Boating.   John has been a long time member of Cooper Boating's Cruising Club, which he joined in 2002, and became even more involved with Cooper after his retirement, when he took his Basic Cruising Instructors Certification in 2010.  He has also taken his Intermediate, Advanced, and Off-Shore courses through Coopers.  He is currently working on completing his Intermediate Cruising Instructor and Basic Instructor/Examiner certifications.

And here's John in action on a Cruise & Learn:

Subject: what can you tow your 65000 lb boat with?
(Posted on Apr 3, 2014 at 08:27PM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
~ so, you have to tow your 65,000 lb boat to park it at home?  NO PROBLEM ~ check this out:

Subject: GENNY & JENY ~ not to be confused with JENNY
(Posted on Mar 28, 2014 at 10:04AM by Colin Jackson)
just to make it interesting - we have a new JENY - not to be confused GENNY

'new JENY' prefers that to JENY #2, & the other prefers GENNY #1 to 'OLD GENNY'

we would also like to welcome HOWARD, JENNY (not to be confused with GENNY or JENY) & CALLUM to the dock crew & LEANNE TIM ashore in the office… if your name is TIM & you are looking for work, contact us soon so we can be even more confused around here  

all of us want you to have great boating adventures this season

perhaps you have seen JENY before? - here she is cruising across one of our web sites:

(Posted on Mar 28, 2014 at 07:34AM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
Cooper Boating and Sceptre Marine are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership.

In addition to continuing with the refit and repair services currently provided by Sceptre, the new partnership will provide refit and repair services to Cooper Boating, the largest charter yacht fleet in Canada. The higher volume will allow for smoother workloads, greater scale, improved efficiencies, more job flexibility and reduced waiting times for clients and shop alike.

With a focus on larger projects, Sceptre’s yard at Shelter Island (Richmond) affords the space to handle many boats simultaneously and any boat up to 150 tons, including wide boats like catamarans.

After over two decades of building semi-custom yachts and providing refit and repair services, the new partnership brings the arrival of new projects and new team members to Sceptre Marine. Will Butcher, formerly of Rayburn Fine Custom Yachts, the Martin 244 project and the original Cooper Yachts, is the first of several veteran builders to join the team. In addition, some of the Cooper Boating crew will be deployed at Sceptre Marine during the off season, improving efficiencies and increasing capabilities of a cross trained crew at Cooper Boating.

Several conveniences, including delivery to/from the Sceptre’s Shelter Island facility and 7 day per week access to expertise allowing projects to be reviewed at Cooper’s facilities at Granville Island for a more customer-friendly experience. With a business model built on the integrity of both organizations and improved customer benefits by the combined offering, we would be delighted to be entrusted your next project.

For more information, please contact:
David Cooper
604.683.6837 ext 15
Heather Rouse
Subject: CUT your LAND TETHER
(Posted on Mar 27, 2014 at 11:35PM by Colin Jackson) Tags:

 ~ imagine you’re on deck of a beautiful sailboat, sails hungrily harnessing the wind, the strong bow cutting through the sea like a hot knife through butter, & as far as the eye can see ~ only water

~ this can be YOU on the 14 DAY VANCOUVER ISLAND CIRCUMNAVIGATION course ~

in addition to experiencing the sheer exhilaration that sailing out of sight of land can bring, you will cover offshore boat preparation for cruising, passage planning & techniques for heavy weather sailing

sail with other excitement seekers on this thrilling two week excursion ~ LIMITED SPACE!  book with us early to avoid disappointment!

the RALLY is on, with 3 boats leaving june 8th

BOAT #1  SUMMER SOLACE ~ WEST COAST adventure ~ explores the coastline all the way around

BOAT #2 ALEGRIA ~ ADVANCED/OFFSHORE adventure ~ heads offshore for a few days on the WEST COAST

BOAT #3 is NORTHWEST PASSAGE, a BALTIC 42 which is fully subscribed

care to join the RALLY? other boats looking to join the group may do so ~ both chartered vessels & private boats ~ contact the office to arrange
(Posted on Feb 9, 2014 at 04:19PM )
THEY ARE BACK ~ from 11am - 5pm on saturday FEBRUARY 15 & saturday MARCH 15, we will be holding OPEN HOUSES & need to hear from you ahead of time in order to reserve you on a boat that you've never experienced before
we will also have refreshments & the bbq running, members & instructors present & a few of those one day specials ~ all aimed to kick start your boating season -- skiing not perfect?  LET'S GO BOATING!!
CALL 604.687.4110 to book in TODAY
Subject: go BOATING at the BOAT SHOW
(Posted on Jan 23, 2014 at 02:30PM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
BEAUTIFUL weather at the VANCOUVER BOAT SHOW for 2014 ~

we are partnered with DISCOVER BOATING to do short demonstration rides on small power boats & sailboats ~ here's club member KAY enjoying a quick 40 knot ride on the GLACIER BAY catamaran ~ can't wipe the smile off his face

the sailors are having a great time as well

a host of boat show specials on sailing & power courses, charters & club memberships

you can also drop by our booth at BC PLACE & try your hand at similated CATAMARAN handling!
Subject: how ADMIRAL EASTER BUNNY got his name
(Posted on Dec 31, 2013 at 01:57PM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
to sail hard or not to sail hard?

THAT is the question

there are times aboard to push a little, grow a little and see what you’re made of

at other times, it’s best to kick back & CHILLAX ~ allowing others to take the above steps while you just recharge in the magical way that life afloat affords

so goes the story of “ADMIRAL EASTER BUNNY” getting his ears (so to speak)

while visiting the BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS for the first time years back, a question surfaced about his intent to be the skipper (as the veteran sailor / senior ‘officer’ aboard – otherwise known as the 'boss')

“YOU be the SKIPPER ~ I’LL be the ADMIRAL ~ over there reading my book!”

combine this quick statement to a regular desire to make increasingly more challenging treasure hunts each EASTER weekend 

these concepts combine to the name “ADMIRAL EASTER BUNNY” ~ the name has stuck since

more recently, CREW CLUB cruises with freshly minted crews with a combination of eager people to push forward, ADMIRAL EASTER BUNNY prefers to kick back & relax

“DO WHATEVER YOU WOULD LIKE WITH THE BOAT (as long as I don’t have to call the owner or the insurance company!) is the standard line honed from this approach

so, when joining a capable crew, some push forward, some CHILLAX, but everyone having an enjoyable time is THE objective   

Subject: an INCREDIBLE YEAR ahead
(Posted on Dec 26, 2013 at 10:08PM by Colin Jackson) Tags:
the days are back getting longer & that indicates we’re back on our way to boating season (when does it really end anyways?!)
the year kicks off with the POLAR BEAR CRUISE JANUARY 1 & roars along to our HOLIDAY PARTY in DECEMBER, with plenty of large & small adventures in between

here are a few highlights:

january 5 FIRST sunday sail of 2014 ~ casual sailing through our CREW CLUB
january 22 * earliest VANCOUVER BOAT SHOW ever!  ~ join our SHOW & TELL & grab a free ticket!
april 17 ~ easter FLOTILLA ~ boat show is early & easter is about as late as it gets this year ~ check out our 2013 photo logbook
may 9friday night RACING ~ become a FRIDAY NIGHTER!
may 15 ~ MAY LOOOOONG weekend cruise ~ our long weekends are longer
june 8 ~ circumnavigation of VANCOUVER ISLAND ~ course & rally

july 3-7  VICTORIA -MAUI 2014 (our crew is SOLD OUT)

july 20 - 25WHIDBEY ISLAND RACE WEEK       

 july 26 ~ VIC-MAUI banquet in MAUI
july 27 ~ MAUI back to BC offshore course/passage (our crew SOLD OUT)
october 26 ~ BAJA HA HA – rally from san diego to cabo san lucas

 november 23 ~ ATLANTIC RALLY FOR CRUISERS ~ cruise rally style across the ATLANTIC from LAS PALMAS to ST LUCIA

this is just a sample of some of the great adventures ahead -- check back for more as the season gets rolling