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Subject: BROUGHTONS: DAY five
(Posted on Jun 22, 2014 at 08:13PM by Colin Jackson)
A skippers meeting was held to discuss and confirm the destination, and the departure time and route for tomorrow.  Claydon Bay, some 30 nautical miles away from our present location, is the confirmed destination and departure is at 0800, with a radio roll call at 0730 on channel 68.

Claydon Bay is a wilderness anchorage, which appeals to some and not others, and nearby Sullivan Bay is our planned stop for the next night, so some boats may go directly to Sullivan Bay in order to have two days to enjoy the facilities at the marina location.

After that, Waddington and Echo Bay.
(Posted on Jun 15, 2014 at 10:37AM by Colin Jackson)
a report from ALLEN as he met up with the flotilla yesterday:

"I arrived by ferry at Powell River around noon and found Intrepid IV without any problems.  I met Syd and we sent the afternoon going over the boat, making sure we are ready for the flotilla.  Syd had provisioned previously, following the list of suggested items.  I don't think we'll starve.

We also met the other crews out on the docks and they seem like quite a varied and convivial lot. Everyone is in a good mood and the occasional drizzle that we experienced on and off all afternoon did not dampen spirits in the least.   At 1800, we all met on Corus for appies and happy hour.  The plan for tomorrow is simple: All boats leave when they like, go where they like and we all meet at Rebecca Spit at around 1700 hours or whenever we get there and have a barbecue on shore.

The meeting lasted several hours, but most had left by 1900 to rest up for tomorrow.  I only thought to take pictures at the last moment.

Tomorrow, Rebecca Split.  

Winds are predicted to be from the northwest -- one the nose all the way"

ALLEN is an owner in the fleet out of SIDNEY, currently cruising with a client named SYDNEY who has taken a recent step up from 'student' to 'boat owner'

I post this as we cruise past COMOX on our way to CAMPBELL RIVER having left SIDNEY yesterday afternoon

ELECTRA will join the flotllla later today - connecting with the DREAMSPEAKER CRUISING TEAM who literally 'wrote the book' on this region ~

(Posted on Oct 31, 2013 at 03:46PM by Colin Jackson)
NORTH of DESOLATION SOUND & CAMPBELL RIVER ~ but still within the protection of our lovely VANCOUVER ISLAND is the BROUGHTON ARCHIPELAGO & your once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore it as part of a group led by the DREAMSPEAKER CRUISING GUIDE TEAM is here

this captivating group of islands, islets & passages that make up an exquisite region remains chalked full of wildlife, untouched harbours & quaint villages

your leaders literally WROTE THE BOOK on this region & plenty of great times were had at their 2013 event in DESOLATION SOUND


our adventure begins JUNE 14 2014

come to our session & meet the DREAMSPEAKER TEAM  LIVE  IN PERSON

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