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Subject: VICTORIA boat show starts today!
(Posted on Apr 28, 2016 at 09:02AM by Colin Jackson)
It all starts today - the VICTORIA FLOATING BOAT SHOW in the inner harbour (which certainly beats the other, non-floating... aka sinking... boat show!)

We're down on the Aquila 44 and the Hanse 47 - so we've got monohulls, multihulls and power and sail.  All the bases covered - so come talk about boating courses, charters and club events for this great season ahead!

victoria boat show
Subject: staff pick ~ JENY picks CALINDA (WESTCOAST 62')
(Posted on May 29, 2014 at 08:34PM by Colin Jackson)
JENY'S CHOICE: CALINDA  the new new new  WEST COAST 62’


As a rookie boater, I’m not so familiar with what makes a boat technically desirable, so my reason for making CALINDA my pick is based solely on her physical beauty & style- and oh boy does this lady have both!
Having recently done some condo shopping myself, my house buying eye was immediately drawn to a number of features.  Like the extraordinary patio deck space- you could easily host an afternoon outdoor sangria-barbecue-book club with 12 of your closest friends or relatives over the many levels of deck space.  The clean lines of the boat and it’s crisp white & stainless steel detailing won’t fight with your colourful wardrobe - & the red wine your great aunt Milly spills on the fiberglass deck is easily hosed down without worry.
On the interior, it’s all about the details.  This boat has beautiful wood floors, plush carpet, & granite countertops in the kitchen, bathrooms, & dining room/bar area galley, heads & salon.  The kitchen galley is spacious & has an apartment sized refrigerator, & the dishwasher! The size of the dining room/bar area salon so roomy & comfortable ~  furnished with contemporary comfy pieces. 
& then there’s the bedrooms cabins.  I am in love with the bunk set up in the smallest of the cabins ~ it’s the coziest looking place to set up for the night.  The smaller of the two double berths is so large, it looks like it should be the master.   And oh…. the master cabin, this one is drool worthy:  CLOSETS that trump any condo in Vancouver, a built in dressing table, a full queen sized bed with room to roam around it, windows portholes, a whole area to lay out luggage, and an ensuite with a bathtub!
But probably the real reason I’m picking CALINDA as my staff pick is because I’ve had a great experience aboard her:  She had her naming ceremony recently, &I was invited to be a part of that great time.  I met the fantastic &proud new owners along with their dog, who the boat is named after (they name 2 things in this family in a decade & both get the same name!).  
We witnessed the master of ceremonies Colin Jackson wield mightily a bottle of champagne as he spoke to the North, South, East, West and Gods of the sea to celebrate the naming of this incredible vessel.  It was very exciting to experience this fun family enjoying their new aquatic addition!
This was my favourite picture from the event (NOTE DOG HIDING BEHIND THE REST OF THE FAMILY!):

welcome to Coopers CALINDA!
Subject: EARLY BOOKING SPECIAL - online reservations unavailable
(Posted on Nov 27, 2012 at 08:20AM by Colin Jackson)
it would appear clients have been waiting patiently for IRMA - our internet reservations asistant ~ to serve up some great holiday dates ~ well, long story short, IRMA didn't attend our meetings with the super-duper early booking specials - so we sent her back to school (took her offline) and she'll be back working in time for the festive season when we humans at the bases want to rest a bit 

MEANTIME, many of the crew here are available (some just back from holidays) - and able to get you some of the best deals of the year - boating charters & hands on boating courses right here in beautiful BRITISH COLUMBIA 

phone 250.655.4979 in SIDNEY, 604.687.4110 in VANCOUVER and toll free 888.999.6419 from elsewhere or email 


owners - IRMA handles many of your requests as well - so call or email if you need anything - meantime, we're upgrading the online maintenance database and are pleased to be part of a launch group for the new mobile APPS - we can log care & feeding items for your boats from smart devices ON YOUR BOATS next season!
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