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Subject: Buckets of fun for the bucket list
(Posted on Apr 28, 2018 at 11:25AM by Colin Jackson)

golden gate

From Eric - one of our owners in the fleet who helped with the repositioning of the Catalina 445 in California:

Victor and I arrived in Morro Bay  on Tuesday April 17
th to take Miss Stress up the California coast on her second leg up to Vancouver. We spent the next day, preparing to leave that evening .  As soon as Captain Karel arrived, and we looked at weather and charts, off we went at 8 PM, on the start of an expected 20 hour run up to Santa Cruz.  We wanted to pass the dreaded Point Sur early morning, when the seas were the quietest.  It was an uneventful overnight motor and we turned into Monterey Bay, where we were able to put up sail.  Suddenly we were surrounded by hundreds of dolphins. They crested the water, feet from the boat.  They played with us for ten minutes, and were off.  Behind them came the humpbacks.  We overnighted in the beautiful Santa Cruz Marina, and were off again at 4 AM to time our arrival into San Francisco on the backside of a flood, the best time to cross the sand bar.  At 2 PM the Golden Gate Bridge was in sight.  What a thrill to pass under it.    I suddenly realized that passing under the bridge was a bucket list thing.  I put it on my bucket list and checked it off at the same time.  We continued across the bay and parked Miss Stress in Berkeley Marina, leaving her for the next crew to continue the trek north.

captain Karl

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