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Subject: CUT your LAND TETHER
(Posted on Mar 27, 2014 at 11:35PM by Colin Jackson)

 ~ imagine you’re on deck of a beautiful sailboat, sails hungrily harnessing the wind, the strong bow cutting through the sea like a hot knife through butter, & as far as the eye can see ~ only water

~ this can be YOU on the 14 DAY VANCOUVER ISLAND CIRCUMNAVIGATION course ~

in addition to experiencing the sheer exhilaration that sailing out of sight of land can bring, you will cover offshore boat preparation for cruising, passage planning & techniques for heavy weather sailing

sail with other excitement seekers on this thrilling two week excursion ~ LIMITED SPACE!  book with us early to avoid disappointment!

the RALLY is on, with 3 boats leaving june 8th

BOAT #1  SUMMER SOLACE ~ WEST COAST adventure ~ explores the coastline all the way around

BOAT #2 ALEGRIA ~ ADVANCED/OFFSHORE adventure ~ heads offshore for a few days on the WEST COAST

BOAT #3 is NORTHWEST PASSAGE, a BALTIC 42 which is fully subscribed

care to join the RALLY? other boats looking to join the group may do so ~ both chartered vessels & private boats ~ contact the office to arrange
(Posted on May 21, 2013 at 06:57AM by Colin Jackson)
a maze of emerald islands & chalcedony coloured bays comprise BARKLEY SOUND ~

YOU can explore these magnificent cruising grounds on one of great WEST COAST ADVENTURES:

~ JULY 21 ~ travel from SIDNEY to UCLUELET

~ JULY 28 ~ begin & end in UCLUELET

~ AUGUST 4 ~ travel from UCLUELET to SIDNEY

~ 7 day course price ~ $1,899 per person (includes meals) ~ inquire about charter opportunities
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